Clement Chan

Clement Chan holds several Provincial cooking championships and is the National 2010 Canadian Chef of the Year (awarded by the CCFCC). He graduated Culinary Arts at VCC in 2002, and then went to Dubrelle to claim his Baking and Desserts diploma. He has worked in most of the finest establishments in Vancouver over the last decade in restaurants and hotels. Chambar, Lumiere, Blue Water Cafe, Raincity Grill, Fairmont YVR, Hyatt Regency, Glowbal Grill, Hapa Umi and Sanafir Restaurant, are just to name a few. He has also worked as a member of the opening team in various restaurants in Vancouver:  Blue Water Cafe, Lucky Diner and Hapa Umi. Clement has opened restaurant like Shor, Swim Pool and Bar Grill, and Medi Restaurant which are all properties of Hyatt Regency Curacao Golf Resort..

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